Commercial Sales


The HORECA Marketplace provides a perfect platform to create awareness for our brand in restaurants, hotels, catering, and other related businesses.

Under HORECA segment, our focus customers are F&B industry, aviation, major corporate offices and fine dining restaurants.

As a business model, we offer coffee equipment’s on lease or an outright purchase option in the B2B category. Under this segment, we also offer customized coffee solution to our corporate customers in the form of coffee pods which are user friendly and practical in the office domain.

Private Labelling

Karam Coffee gives you the opportunity to have our coffee in your own label. We offer tailor made private labelling solutions that cater to your taste profiles. Our state of the art manufacturing facility based in the UAE, ensures freshly roasted coffee delivered to you!


Our Offering

Select from existing Select one of our existing rich blends or single origin coffee and we will package it under your own label.

Customize your own coffee blend Karam Coffee master roasters will take you through the “cupping” process, where you will compare the aromas and flavors of select beans to create your own private blends. Once identifying your premier blend, Karam will work on the recommended roasting profile of your beans to create Your Perfect Cup!