About Karam

Karam means “generosity”. We take it seriously. It is part of our culture and we are proud of it. Karam Coffee was born out of passion and entrepreneurship. Freshness and premium quality distinguish it from others. Whether it is a superior blend or our limited edition Single Origins, you can rest assured of Karam Coffee’s brand promise. Roasting coffee is not all we do, we offer full 360° coffee services. So go ahead, indulge. Invite your family and friends, Karam Coffee will complete your Majlis, wherever you are…


Emirati-owned and locally produced coffee carefully sourced, roasted, ground, blended, and brewed for your enjoyment.

We work closely with growers from all four corners of the world and explore new ways of making coffee to share with our family and friends, old and new.

Welcome to the Karam Coffee Experience.

Enjoy your stay with us.